After having neck fusion surgery, my husband gifted me with private yoga therapy sessions with Carol.  Frankly, I had taken yoga classes before, but Carol provided therapeutic guidance with incredible thoughtfulness and compassion.  She taught me postures and movements that deal with sciatic pain and numbness that refer to my right leg and lower back.  Carol also taught me breathing exercises to deal with low blood pressure and they really work!  I wonder if I had met Carol earlier, maybe I could have skipped the surgery. I found Carol very supportive, positive, and dedicated to her teaching.  Also, she has a wealth of information to share and has great patience in addressing questions.  After going to private lessons, I have better idea how to use yoga to improve my health.  This is the most valuable gift I have ever received! ~ Kathy B

Thanks a million for helping my Mom regain her happiness and energy with yoga. I have seen Mom struggle with her arthritis and related pain for years.  I know she has been very worried and depressed about arthritis slowing her down and limiting her participation in daily activities. She is now feeling very optimistic with her yoga practice. She has already shared some of her yoga experiences with close relatives.  All the handouts and resources are going to be immensely beneficial to us. ~Sabiha Parveen. 


COPING WITH STRESS (names withheld)

  • The tools I learned in this workshop will help preserve my spirit, soul, and body.
  • I learned how to stop my mind from 'running' when I'm trying to calm down and get some sleep. 
  • Expected 'boring' - but the presentation was great, and I actually wished it was longer.
  • The breathing exercises to decompress were excellent.
  • Motivational! Learned how to stretch my body to relieve stress.
  • Carol was prepared, interactive, insightful, and believes in what she does.


I first attended this program as a Wellness Wednesday offering. I came back to the office singing its praises, and the Student Union decided to offer this program for our staff after the first of the year - and it again received very positive feedback.  This program also qualifies as quarterly safety training! You will be entertained and will also come away with very relevant ideas and tips that can be incorporated into your daily activities both in the workplace and elsewhere. ~Tracie B.

Your presentation was fantastic! It helps that you personally live the lifestyle and are so passionate about what you are teaching. It definitely shows! I heard a lot of great feedback; thanks again, the OSU Foundation really enjoyed it.  ~Kara V.

Your session was really a positive experience at the Oklahoma Extension meeting for secretaries; many of the evaluations indicted that your ideas will be taken back to the county and used in offices there.  Thank you so much for sharing at this conference. I look forward to working with you in the future. ~Joyce M.

I just wanted to thank you both for coming over to present at our Staff Meeting.  It was wonderful.  Several people praised your tips Carol.  I think you might have some new yoga students as well. ~Allison B.

The presentation was fantastic!! Thank you so much for your help and thank you for the great information you shared with The University of Tulsa!! I thoroughly enjoyed your lecture!   ~Victoria M.


Name Withheld
Carol, you may remember a few weeks ago I told you I had lost 20 pounds after beginning yoga.  Last week I went for a regular doctor appt. and my blood pressure was so low I was able to get off one of my pills. Also, my blood work was perfect (no sign of diabetes), and if I maintain for the next three months, the doctor will take me off diabetes medication. I’m 58. I am thrilled beyond belief. I practice yoga at home now, and I am converting my family and friends.  I just want to thank you, and the other teachers and OSU for making this possible. Feel free to share this with the other teachers as I don’t know their names. I am so grateful I just had to thank you.

Julianna~ I owe you a big thank you! My dog had tons of energy last night so I took her to Boomer Lake for a run. We started running and I was completely shocked...I ran better this morning than I have in over a year. I didn't feel out of breath after 10 seconds like I usually do and we probably ran about a mile total. My legs felt great and we ran faster than usual. I still feel great now and usually by this time I'm in quite a bit of pain. The biggest thing was the fact that my knees didn't hurt during the run. I haven't been able to run without knee pain since a softball injury when I was 13. It was honestly the most amazing feeling ever, So, thank you so much! I know I would not have been able to do this if you hadn't been teaching me yoga! 

I experienced my second yoga class last night. Yes, yoga looks easy and mild, but the exercise and dynamic tension are intense. Gratefully, it was easier than the first class. Still, I shook and quivered, sweat dripping all around me as I moved into and held the unfamiliar poses. Carol was gentle and joyful as she instructed and guided us through the process, encouraging us and helping us adapt. Thank you, Carol, for the great lessons. I look forward to more. Namaste y'all

I started my yoga practice about three years ago with Carol.  I tried every type of fitness activity from buying a lifetime membership to a gym, running, aerobics, weight lifting etc. only to be disappointed in my results and the lack of guidance and dreading going. I started yoga because I was looking for a lifestyle change as well as needing the benefits from yoga that I had heard about. Right away I felt comfortable and knew I wasn't being judged on what I could do or couldn't do. Carol worked with me on my form and how it important it was not to compare myself to others but to make my practice my own. A year ago I had back surgery, my doctor had told me I was so lucky because I had been doing yoga, and my recovery was much faster.